Exceline is a UAE based ESP service provider and manufacturer. With over 14 years of collective experience, our engineering teams are second to none in the sector. A proven track record of successful ESP operations, installations and continued site production, often in highly volatile situations, has positioned Exceline as a pioneer in providing high-end equipment for oil extraction. The valuable experience of our engineering teams inspires and drives the design of our ESP systems... The manufacturing of our ESP system is supported by one of the top Russian ESP manufacturers which compliance all quality standards.

Exceline is proudly committed to building local manufacturing capacity in Abu Dhabi, building a highly driven national and international workforce with the engineering knowledge and manufacturing experience required to design and produce high quality, long run life, and efficient ESPs. In support of achieving the highest quality standards, Exceline has created partnerships with internationally recognized ESPs companies specialized in the field of product research and development.

Exceline can support the sustainable operations of international clients anywhere in the world. Our experienced engineering teams can support any project throughout the entire project life cycle. Our team's design, manufacture, and install ESPs, in addition to the ongoing service contracts required to maintain on-site production within agreed downtime limits.


    Performance is the primary focus of our company that ensures teams deliver expectational outcomes. The Exceline team will deliver in any situation. Our people and culture strategy ensure that we work with the best people with proven sector experience. The drive for continuous and training produces highly skilled engineers.


    Commitment means we fully commit our energy, passion, and resources to ensure that our client projects are fully operational, delivering production levels according to their expectations using high quality designed and highly efficient operating system, produced by Exceline.


    Quality standards and expectations drive all aspects of our research, design, and development of innovation and the resulting manufacturing process and installation. Our sense of pride in our work means we will only be satisfied, producing high-quality outcomes in all aspects of our business.

Who We Are?

Our Brand

Exceline, the brand is the expression of all values driving the organization. It captures a pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the research and design process, manufacturing and operations, and a resolute commitment to meet all challenges to ensure a sustainable line of production for our clients.

Our core belief, above all else, is Performance Matters! Exceline, Performance Matters!


Exceline’s purpose is to pioneer sector innovation. Innovation is the result of our continuous product research, the ongoing design, manufacturing of high-quality oil extraction equipment, and the installation of Exceline products and services to deliver sustainable production for all clients.

Exceline will successfully design, produce, and install oil engineering equipment, including ESP in all major oil-producing markets in the world, using nationals and international workforce for manufacturing and installing all the oil extraction products.

Core Values

The values of Performance, Commitment drive our experienced engineers, and Quality to creatively resolve any site challenges, to design systems that bring together our blend of manufacturing and technological innovation. These core values drive all aspects of Exceline’s business performance.

“Exceline is a combination of Excellent Performance and Line of Production”